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Scope of Services​​

iProhk provides a broad range of business, personal and specialist services to our corporate and individual clients:-


We provide computerized bookkeeping services to our clients on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

We also provide our clients with the following accounting services:

  • Analysis of financial statements

  • Audit referral

Tax & Payroll


We assist in:

  • Handling queries from IRD

  • Preparation of Tax Returns

  • Payroll calculation (including MPF)

Assets Recovery

After assessing the accounts, we will only suggest ethical and legitimate means to achieve maximum recovery for our clients.

By evaluating the existing procedures and guidelines, we also provide suggestions on the improvememt of client's internal controls. 


Formation & Dissolution

We advise on business start up matters and assist in the formation of companies under the Laws of Hong Kong or in other overseas jurisdictions such as British Virgin Islands, Cayman Island, Bermuda and Seychelles.

By conducting an independent assessment of a company's position, we provide constrcutive advice and assistance for dissolution of companies by ways of:


  • Members' Voluntary Liquidation

  • Creditors' Voluntary Liquidation

  • Deregistration ​​ 

Company Secretarial


​In addition to the formation of companies, we provide full scope of company secretarial services to our clients to reduce their workload and assist in the compliance of the relevant rules and regulations of Hong Kong and overseas. 


Background Search

We assist to carry out:

  • Company Search (HK & Overseas)

  • Directorship Search (HK)

  • Land Search (HK)

  • Litigation Search (HK)

  • Winding-Up and Bankruptcy Searches (HK)

  • Other Searches (HK & Overseas)

Investigation & Reporting


We have considerable experience in conducting the following assignments:


  • Fraud investigations

  • Other financial crime investigations 

  • Investigative interview

  • Assets and funds-flow tracing

Litigation Support

We provide litigation support services in accounting and liquidation areas and have practical experience in undertaking the following assignments:


  • Acting as Expert Witness

  • Advising on accounting issues

  • Advising on issues from post-liquidation

  • ​Quantifying the damages and/or losses

  • Assisting directors on statutory compliance

  • Claims for professional negligence​



Business & Risk Consulting

​We have hand-on experience in performing reviews for small to medium sized businesses including:

  • Anti-money laundering compliance review

  • Limited scope of financial review

  • Limited scope of business/operational review

  • Problem loans review

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